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Upside Down
The ACMA PTO Board is made up of passionate parents who work hard to assist in the smooth running of our school.

The ACMA PTO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides funding for in-classroom teacher support, classroom equipment, artist in residence, field trips, student summer scholarships, and much more.The funding is supported by money raised through direct donations and fundraising.


When teachers and students came to us with a desire to showcase the art and writing of ACMA's students, we were proud to support Abstract, a Literary and Arts Magazine produced by ACMA students.


Film makers need to learn on current equipment. We're working with the Film Department to update their cameras and give them more options for exploring their art.


We send dancers to the National High School Dance Festival in Pittsburgh. While there, they get to meet other dancers, learn new moves, show off their talent, and make connections that will help them in their post-ACMA lives.


We work closely with the Theatre Department and our principal to meet the needs of our actors. A special fund was initiated in 2018 to use for PAC improvements in the future, such as LED lighting and updated mikes. 

This is merely a fraction of what we support. We gladly support all students, artists and makers at our school.

Some of the many programs we support with your dollars:
  • Back to School Night - Ice Cream Social

  • Field trips for students to arts related events

  • Lighting and sound improvements to the ACMA Performing Arts Center

  • Student trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland

  • Jazz Band trip to the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Idaho

  • Dance West National High School Dance Festival in Pittsburgh

  • Music Performances in our Community

  • Pinwheel Writing Festival

  • Off Center, a Literary and Arts Magazine produced by ACMA students

  • National Honor Society and National Arts Honor Society activities

  • Art is My Voice: ACMA’s annual Gallery and Film event

  • Yearbook publishing

  • Grad Night

  • Senior Breakfast and activities 

  • Annual all school picnic

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