Confetti Girl
To support PTO programs, we run one primary fundraiser (The Spectacular).  Additional community fundraising programs help cover our operating expenses.
Listed are our fundraising events throughout the year.​
  • The Spectacular One of two of our primary fundraising efforts from the PTO. This year this event will likely take on a different form.
  • WeAreACMA Fund One of two primary fundraising efforts from the PTO. This is a one-time-make-a-donation type of campaign. The goal is 100% family participation and average of $75 per student.
  • Beaverton Education Foundation (BEF) For the past 22 years, student volunteers from high schools across the District have united our community each fall to support Beaverton Education Foundation’s annual campaign –  Answer the Call.Generous donors like you help provide funds for innovative academic enrichment and advancement programs in all of Beaverton’s 54 schools. Your investment makes an impact.
  • Corporate Matching for Spectacular donations.  Check with your human resources department to find out if your company has a matching plan for its employees’ charitable donations. Also, if you donate $$ through you company to United Way-you can slate those funds to be directed to the PTO as well.
  • Box Tops