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Welcome to ACMA, we are so excited for you and your student(s)!


Making the transition to a new school often brings a mixture of anticipation, anxiousness, and excitement. Coming to ACMA (as great as it is) is no different, and we recognize that even though the school you’re coming to is a pretty magical place, it’s new to you, and to help you make the transition we want to provide as much information and perspective as we can.


There is a lot here, so take your time, browse a bit, dip in to the topics you’d like to learn more about. If you still have questions email us at PTO ( We'll do our best to help out or send you to someone who can.


We want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and as informed as you can be as you begin your ACMA adventure. We’re so happy you’re joining our school family, your school family, ACMA.

Please visit ACMA's website to find many Frequently Answered Questions!
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