Welcome West TV Elementary

Hello ACMA Families,

On the Friday before we welcome students and staff from West TV Elementary to our campus I wanted to reach out with a thumbnail sketch of some of our planning around their visit which is scheduled to go from Tuesday, September 24th, through November 1st. 

At ACMA we talk a lot about kindness and supporting one another and this is a great opportunity to put that attitude into practice. I believe our students will be fantastic, and I'm happy that with the largeness of our current campus we seem to have more than enough room to carve out mostly separate spaces.

To that end... We have different start and stop times (they begin at 8:00 and end at 2:30), lunches that compliment each other without overlapping, and enough space to keep the young ones separate from our kids, mostly.

In practice, we'll see how things look on Tuesday morning, but I honestly believe that if we bring some smiles and can suspend our disbelief all will be well. That said, I wanted to share a few logistics that we know right now. West TV will be using 10 rooms in the C200 hallway (as well as the open study area), a hallway we were not using; two rooms at the far end of the C100s (for two 4th grade classes); #A206 (for music); and one room in the B100s (for a special program).

They will have classified folks in the conference room near my office, in the front office, and over in the counseling conference room. They will also be sharing the large gym (for some daycare before and just after school, and for some PE classes).

We are dedicating the bathrooms in the C200 hallway to the elementary kids, knowing that the first time a Kindergartener saw an ACMA students with horns or a tail they would be so delighted that they couldn't focus on school for the rest of the day.

Both ACMA and West TV staff will be visible in the hallways and throughout campus monitoring the students, and helping to ensure that we all can feel comfortable on campus together. There are lots of other logistics as well, and we're collaborating with Principal Valentine at West TV and our fantastic facilities team to make sure we're doing all we can to help this temporary situation go well. 

There is, of course, some nervousness on both sides about our becoming a K-12 school for a few weeks, and we know that it will take efforts from all of us to help reassure our masses and help this grand experiment go well.

It will, I'm sure, and it will in no small part because of the very special school we are.

I'll give you more information as we have it. 

Happy Friday, Bjorn

Bjorn Paige Principal, Arts & Communication Magnet Academy

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