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Theatre Dept. Summer Program Funding Request

ACMA Theatre Department will resume the tradition of summer threatre program. The summer program is a BSD program to provide threatre participation to students unable to participate after school during school year, as well as summer enrichment for all participants. The program runs July 1- 29 and is open to all BSD students who will participate in cast and crew roles a musical threatre production of "Little Shop of Horrors". Up to 40 student applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. The program fee is $500 per student. The tradition of the program is to accept the first 40 applicants. The program would like to offer scholarships to students without means to cover full tuition. The school, ACMA is able to provide partial support of scholarships and is asking for ACMA PTO to approve funding the gap in scholarship need of $1100. Per ACMA PTO bylaws, this funding request is posted at least 14 days prior to the vote by PTO membership (all ACMA parents) to take place June 13th. Please attend the June 13th PTO meeting to participate in discussion and vote to this funding request.

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