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Let's Help Rebuild Raindrop Taphouse

We want to share a personal update around one of our ACMA Alumni families and community members. Last week, Mark Foster, owner of Raindrop Taphouse in Beaverton, had a car drive through the front window. Luckily for Mark and his crew, the business was closed and no one was injured (including those in the car). That said, Raindrop Taphouse suffered significant damage and is temporarily closed. Quite a bit was damaged, including tables, glasses, chair and even the bar. In addition a great deal of refrigerated items and kegs were ruined.

Mark has been a consistent supporter of ACMA, as well as a beloved community member in Beaverton. If you are interested in supporting Mark, his family and staff, a go-fund me has been set-up to help with the costs of damage and loss of business.

Mark has been so appreciative of the community support and is looking forward to the reopening of Raindrop!

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