Drop off/Pick up

Hello ACMA Families,

Inside the schoolhouse we’re off to a good start, with students finding their way around our big clean building, teachers engaging their students in learning that makes it look like school has been in swing for a month, and kids starting to see all of the options they have for places inside and outside to eat lunch.

One challenge we’ve found, however, is outside, particularly on the streets and in the parking lot before and after school begins.

For anyone who has dropped off in the morning or picked up in the afternoon it’s easy to see that the space we have for kids to get in and out of cars is limited.

So, while we know we can’t do anything to add space, I wanted to get out a short message with three ideas about how we might improve the flow of traffic and keep our kids and ourselves safer.

  • Please do your best to pull forward in the parking lot as much as you can. This allows more cars to enter the parking area and less cars sitting on 118th.

  • Please do not leave gaps between cars. This can lead to longer lines, and lines that in the ten minutes before and after the bell rings to begin or end school stretch down 118th.

  • Please do not drop your student off along the red curb directly in front of the main doors. This causes longer lines and is a fire lane.

  • With students and teachers walking in from the upper lot it’s also important to watch for walkers in the crosswalk in the front of the school.

  • Please slow down.Please be careful. Cars on 118th do not have a stop sign at our exits, and with kids crossing and cars driving in and out this is something to be very mindful of. 

  • Think about timing. We can’t control the space, but I’ve noticed that from 7:00 to 7:10 in the morning traffic is light, only really shifting into real back up about 7:15. The same is true again in the afternoon. I have to be at the south end of campus for buses right at the end of the day, but when I get back up to the front of the school the lines seem to have dissipated by 2:15.

  • Arriving a few minutes early or later could save a wait.

I thank you all for your patience and I appreciate the care you take to keep our kids safe.


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