COVID-19: 10:15am - March 12, 2020

Hello ACMA Family,

By now I hope that most of you have received the message from our school district regarding COVID-19 and the impact on our schools.

In part that message read:

“With the number of confirmed COVID-19 coronavirus cases in Oregon increasing, including the first instance in Multnomah County, Governor Brown announced new guidance tonight regarding group gatherings and social distancing. We remain committed to keeping our schools open and safe. In accordance with this evening’s guidance and in order to minimize potential opportunities for the virus to spread, we have decided to proactively begin suspending events that bring large groups of students, adults, and community members together. This action is not related to a presumptive case. At this time, there are no presumptive cases in the Beaverton School District.

“Suspension of non-essential school-based activities and after-school activities begins immediately, effective Thursday, March 12, and will remain in effect until further notice. This includes the suspension of all assemblies and events, off-campus field trips, and professional development meetings and events.”

I wanted to follow up with a few specifics about what this means for us at ACMA, particularly in the time between today and spring break.

Three events scheduled for after school this week will be canceled or postponed:

  • The Ballpoint Author Event

  • the Pinwheel Writing Festival

  • Theater Department’s Karaoke Night

  • In addition, we will not have a Capstone Lunch (or companion assemblies) next Tuesday, nor will we have Capstone reflections on Thursday nor Capstone performances on Friday. We know how much Capstones mean to our seniors, and we hope to reschedule them as we are able.

Activities we will not be participating in until further notice:

  • field trips

  • assemblies

  • guest speakers

  • outdoor school

  • staff meetings

  • performances

  • In addition, at this time we cannot have parent volunteers, AVID tutors, or other non-staff adults (like an accompanist or guest instructor) on campus.

  • This weekend was the Oregon Battle of the Books. The regional competition for this Saturday has been cancelled. There will not be a make up tournament.

We can still have rehearsals (including Dance West) after school, after school student clubs, club meetings within the school day, and collaborations between classes. We will simply see a basic A/B schedule (still with Ohana and Access) and no special schedules for the immediate future.

We know that things can change, so we will continue to pay attention to all BSD guidance, ask questions, and continue the best practices of hand washing and common sense. As soon as we're able, we'll address rescheduling events like Capstones, and as we get more information we can better prepare for the upcoming events.

There's a line by Pablo Neruda that came to my mind as I got this information late last night: "You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming." Our spring will come, and as we support one another through these uncertain times, I believe that there are brighter days ahead.

Thanks for your calm and care for kids (and each other),

Bjorn Paige

ACMA Principal