Book of Will: May 23-25

Show will be in the Blue Box.

May 23-25 at 7pm.

Tickets are $5 at the door.

Concessions will be served too!

Book of Will is a student led production from the Theatre Ensemble Class. Directed and staged by Senior Cam Healy with a cast of 8 players.

Book of WILL

William Shakespeare’s best friends and fellow actors miss him very much and his wonderful plays. When a stolen, and badly hacked version of Hamlet (“ To be or not to be, there’s th e point . . .”) is performed, they realize Shakespeare’s plays are disappearing forever. They need a book—an accurate copy of Will’s original plays, but not everyone wants to see this book made.

WRITTEN BY LAUREN GUNDERSON, this story is a playful, heartfelt love letter to the theatre and Shakespeare.

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