4/1/2020 - Message from Bjorn

Hello ACMA Family,

It was yesterday that I introduced BSD’s “Phase Two” of remote learning, and the analogy I used then was that it might be “a bridge to our return to campus after the date the governor set, or a sturdy pier from which to launch any more robust remote learning we must as we cast off to even more uncharted waters.” Today, following word from the Oregon Department of Education that the state is to move to “Distance Learning for All” we’re preparing the ships for launch.

What this means in the short term is that we will continue our week of planning and reaching out to families this week, then on April 6th proceed with supplemental learning opportunities for all of our students, and finally shift into “Phase Three” on the timeline set by our district.

What we know now about next week is that teachers will provide course specific supplemental learning opportunities for students. While most of these opportunities will be asynchronous, meaning students can access the material at any time, we know that there may be some class events that happen with opportunities for multiple students to connect with the teacher online. To not put students in a position where they would have conflicting online events, we have staggered the windows, so teachers won’t overlap.

In addition, and based on the district Phase Two plan, we have this plan for April 6-10, with regard to the classes and content:

Phase Two Plan: April 6-10

Monday: Periods 1 and 2

Tuesday: Periods 3 and 4

Wednesday: Periods 5 and 6

Thursday: Periods 7 and 8

Friday: Our counselors will provide a social emotional support activity and we’ll host something fun for the kids. 

Teachers will communicate with their students with more specifics about classes for next week.

Phase Three Plan: April 13-17

The details of the third phase, which the Oregon Department of Education describes beginning on 4/13, are being worked on now at the district level. According to the goal of the ODE communication we will see an increase in frequency of instruction, probably four classes a day, and assignments will be required for a grade, not supplemental in this third phase. 

There is still much to be worked out, and as soon as we know more, the district will communicate with families and I will send out relevant ACMA specific information. As with any voyage, preparation is vital to success, and the care being put into this part of the plan is profound.

All that said, the ACMA staff and I are working hard to reconnect with you and your students. I met (online) with staff today and the thing they were universally most excited about was working with kids. I’m hosting a coffee with the principal over Zoom on Friday morning, teachers should be reaching out to students by the end of this week, and we will continue to post information as we get it.

There are many things that we don’t yet know, but as we do our best to bring ACMA to you and your students we are responding to each new development with as much flexibility as we can muster, a sense of purpose, and a commitment to each student to help them in this uncertain time.

ACMA is a special place, and we’ll be together in person again as soon as we can. Until then all of us extend our care, our love, and our hope for your family’s well being to everyone in our ACMA Family.

Take care,