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ACMA PTO provides support to teachers and students at ACMA. ​Funding requests are filled based on available funds which are acquired through fundraising efforts by the PTO and through direct donations. 

How Do Teachers or Students Request Funds?

The budget for the school year is reviewed and approved at the first PTO meeting in September. All requests require a funding request form. Each request is reviewed by PTO members at the next scheduled PTO meeting and the department making the request is asked to send a representative to that meeting. 

When Do Funding Requests Get Allocated?


Requests are reviewed and voted on at the meeting. If approved, the treasurer will write a check that evening. 


Unless an already approved line item in the budget, must be posted to the ACMA PTO website for 14 days prior to vote for approval. Usually these are presented at a PTO meeting and voted on at the next monthly meeting.

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