Several families have asked if the PTO knew of resources to find information on carpooling to this new ACMA location. Below are some links that might prove helpful.

Please note: These links are not supported or validated by the ACMA PTO. 

If you’re not sure how to get started there are various rideshare websites that can help you get connected with other commuters in your area. Below are some online resources to help get you on your way to saving money and reducing your transportation footprint.

  • Ride Share Directory – offers a national and regional directory of ride share links

  • Ride Share Online – helps arrange daily commutes and cross-country trips

  • Craigslist – offers rideshare listings by city.

  • Carpool World: Offers free rideshare resources and an app.

  • iCarPool: This app helps you find rideshare and carpooling opportunities.

  • Nextdoor: A private social network for your neighborhood.

Coordinating Carpools

One of our PTO parents has volunteered to help link up families interested in carpooling. If you'd like to carpool and want to see what other families do too, get in contact!

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